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Rickerby Wealth Group - Richmond, BC

Rickerby Wealth Group
5811 Cooney Road
Suite 306
Richmond, BC
V6X 3M1

Branch Phone: (604) 482-5168
Branch Fax: (604) 482-5183
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RWG: The Right Solution

Every successful business or product is founded on a consistent, replicable process, which generates predictable results time and again. Rickerby Wealth Group is no different; our approach to portfolio management revolves around the three pillars of: a financial plan, an investment policy statement (IPS) and an annual review.

A financial plan provides a road map for us and our client to follow by establishing where they are now and where they would like to be in the future.

An IPS demonstrates that we have accurately understood our clients’ needs and expectations and outlines our plan for meeting them.

Finally taking the time to sit down with each client and thoroughly review their portfolio’s annual performance provides accountability and allows for timely alterations of course when necessary.

Investment & Wealth Management Strategies

At TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice, we offer you a complete range of investment and wealth management services. We recognize that financial needs vary throughout your life and that your personal goals evolve over time. We’re here to help you take care of all your wealth considerations so that you and your family can enjoy peace of mind during any of life’s transitions.

To learn more about investment and wealth management strategies, click on any of the wealth considerations below or contact us for more details. 

Investment StrategiesBanking and Credit ManagementRetirement PlanningProtecting Your AssetsProtecting Your IncomeTax ManagementPassing On Your WealthEducation FundingBusiness Succession PlanningPlanning for Major PurchasesCharitable GivingCircle of Wealth Considerations

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Meet the Team

Shaun Rickerby
Branch Manager, Portfolio Manager
Business:(604) 482-5188
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Sean Millington
Investment Advisor
Business:(604) 482-5127
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Joanne Palma
Sales Assistant
Business: (604) 482-5190
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Perry Chan
Sales Assistant
Business: (604) 482-5113
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